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Immigration in the Nation


Immigration became very prominent around the 19th century in the United States in hope for better opportunities for their children, jobs, and housing. Since then, it has created several political debates regarding whether it should be allowed or not. Recent current events, such as Donald Trump’s idea to build a wall on the border of Mexico and a high school student’s valedictorian speech on how being an illegal immigrant helped her reach a 4.96 GPA: immigration has developed a lot of controversy. While immigrants are already struggling enough to enter the United States, if this is the land of the free and the home of the brave: why is it s0 hard for our people to be free in the first place when coming to fulfill the American Dream? On this blog, the authors will discuss many different perspectives, as well as current events taking place right now, on this deliberate topic and whether it is to be continued and encouraged under the supervision of the U.S; or be stopped by the people of America who remain afraid, stubborn and noncooperative to the idea of letting everyone live out the fortunate life we have been given in the USA.

Vigil Held In South Florida In Favor Of Administrative Relief For Immigrants



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