Biased Blogs-Emily Racette

In David North’s blog post on Center of Immigration Studies, “Green Cards Triple in a Worrisome Category-Abused Spouses of Citizens,” North disagrees that the spousal abuse number among U.S. citizens and immigrants have increased within a year. David North expresses his opinions about topics related to immigrants dealing with women marrying other men so they are able to secure a Green Card for their citizenship with evidence from data. He says, “highly unlikely,” in order to point out his opinion for his reader. David North even emphasizes words when describing the data found about how spousal abuse among women marrying a U.S. citizen have tripled. He hardly recognizes men who enter the U.S. illegally. Although he has an opinion he also tries to explain that an immigrant woman’s claim about abuse isn’t always false. In North’s blog post he shows evidence about the “spousal abuse” and how it results, “The new data shows that 2,657 spouses of U.S. citizens secured green card status by claiming abuse in fiscal year 2013, and that 7,600 of them secured the same kind of visa in the following year”(North, “Green Cards Triple in a Worrisome Category-Abused Spouses of Citizens.” Center of Immigration Studies. 2016). North’s evidence from data he has picked up for his blog determines “fraud,” to do with immigrant women hunting for their green cards by marrying a man much older in the U.S. By using words such as fraud, it helps the reader develop that North counters that immigration isn’t exactly good, and it’s allowing the immigrants to play games in order to secure their citizenship in the U.S. The author aims toward accusing immigrant women into faking that their U.S. citizen husband abused them in order to receive their green cards. The blog post determines that immigrant women are that desperate to make it to the United States that they would even lie to obtain a visa or green card. The significance of the data in the blog post written by North illustrates that immigration is a largely debated topic because of the fraud woven within it and those who feel sympathy towards immigrants who struggle to reach freedom by entering the United States.


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