Biased Blog -Sydney Talbot

In Anna’s The Border Wall: Least and Most Effective Approach, she argues that there shouldn’t be a wall between the U.S and Mexico. She believes that the wall hurts more than it helps, “the United States government will shell out several billions of dollars to kill more Mexicans.”  (Anna, para 1). Within her article she talks about the cost and how our government is spending too much money on things that will hurt a lot of people. I think Anna’s blogpost is biased because she is only stating things about the wall that make it sound like a horrible thing done by our government. Anna thinks that the wall gives immigrants a choice between becoming legal or dying, as she states in her blog, “It is hard for me to believe that the U.S. government thought a wall would stop people so desperate that they already risk their life crossing the desert to get to the Unites States.” (Anna, para 1) she doesn’t believe that the wall actually prevented anymore immigrants from risking their lives to cross. Anna uses words like ‘disgusting’ or ‘hard to believe’ to influence her readers  into to thinking her side is correct.


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