Task #1-Opposing Blog-Emily Racette

In the article written by Howard W. Foster, “Why More Immigration is Bad for America,” Foster disagrees with allowing immigrants to enter the United States because they are cheap laborers, which employers rather have because they only have to pay them a small salary. I believe that Howard W. Foster has a good sense towards the negative side of immigration because he discusses how allowing immigrants into the country only benefits them and not the whole country together which creates economy disasters. Although he has a good point about how immigration decreases jobs for American citizens, I think that immigration should be allowed because a majority of these immigrants are fleeing for a better life not only for them, but also for their children. In order to provide for their families, they should be able to have job opportunities just like American natives. Everyone should be treated equally and should be able to have the same rights with applying for jobs. Allowing them to come over has created them to have a new life, such as an illegal immigrant, Larissa Martinez has proved that entering America has created a new life for her as becoming a valedictorian, and also breaking any stereotypes that she is classified under. If I was an immigrant with a family and had to deal with conflicts when entering a new country, I would feel stressed knowing the struggle of maintaining a stable job and home when immigrants aren’t accepted in our society. Howard M. Foster has good reason about the downsides of allowing immigrants into the country, but we forget that we are all human and that we should be able to respect anyone without judging off of any stereotypes.Opposing Blog


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