Task 1 – Opposing Blog Suh

In this article by John W. Schoen from NBC NEWS, “Are Immigration Bad for the U.S?”. John W. Schoen agree that immigration is bad because every immigrants should able to live free with rights in the U.S, instead being deported back or forced back to different country. He thinks they can help us do jobs for building or farming for foods. I respectively support his opinion because there must be a better way for immigrants to stay in the U.S. Even though I think his statement is positive, but there can be a negative side to it too: overpopulation, labors, and policies. Of course people should be equal to each other and such, but it doesn’t work that way easily. Immigrants can give problem in the U.S by having too much people in one huge place, people who are against to this idea, and less payments due to over population. Being a immigrant must be tough and depressing since you are being abandoned by the place you think you can be free, and keeping it perfect life and home. John W. Schoen has some good points about letting immigrants lived in the U.S, but it will cause some confusion and chaos if something went out of hand.Immigration Article


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