Task #1 Opposing Blog – Sydney Talbot

In Sundance’s A Positive Perspective on Trump’s “Immigration Policy Shift”, Sundance is arguing that Donald Trump’s position on immigration will benefit the United States. I think we can benefit from allowing people to have a chance at the American Dream without having to deport them and their families, because they can make positive contributions to the U.S. The author is supporting a candidate known for wanting to put an end to illegal immigration by capturing all illegal immigrants and placing them in detention centers or sending them back to where they were born. Sundance makes a claim to support his opinion by saying, “what you are seeing is the removal of the narrative that Trump is the evil villain sitting high upon his golden Trump Tower looking down upon the poor illegal immigrant with racist eyes and plotting evil against them.” (Sundance, Para 6). He argues that Donald Trump has changed his immigration policy and isn’t as unfair and nefarious as everybody says he is. This author supports the deportation and expulsion of illegal immigrants when he writes “supporting rounding up illegal immigrants and placing them in detention centers.” (Sundance, Para 5). He is confessing his and Donald Trump’s opinions on deportation. I disagree with his opinion because I think we can come up with better ways to restrict the amount of illegal people entering the U.S and enforce rules that will make it easier for people to become legal when they enter the United States. Positive Perspective


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