Loaded Language-Emily Racette

In Rosemary Joyce’s blog post on UC Berkeley’s Blog, “Immigration and the economy: Everything you believe is wrong,” Joyce argues that undocumented immigrants are not the cause of unemployment for American natives, but rather beneficial. Joyce uses sophisticated and emotionally negative words which determines that Rosemary Joyce has directed her post towards  young adults and those who are unemployed because she is trying to convince her audience that immigrants aren’t taking their jobs. For example she uses two words such as “pundits” and “xenophobic,” which are definitely words you don’t hear every day. “…you know which number got picked up in the media and used by pundits interested in encouraging xenophobic responses…”( Joyce, 2010. “Immigration and the economy: Everything you believe is wrong”). Rosemary Joyce’s approach to her blog confirms she is very biased towards supporting immigrants. Joyce uses only evidence that supports how immigrants who take jobs are actually helping common citizens out with increasing wages and lowering the prices of items. Joyce also mentions how she’s “fascinated,” due to the amount of comments about immigrants taking jobs on her past posts because since she is all for pro-immigrant she ignores the opposing evidence when she receives feedback from her posts. Rosemary Joyce’s writing counters the opposing side’s comments by putting them down and proving them wrong. The significance of her loaded language is that it is able to persuade the audience by using some words that are advance, but also controversial phrases that depict her view on immigration.


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