Loaded Language – Sydney Talbot

In the article “L.A. County to require licenses for immigration consultants”, the author Abby Sewell argues that con artists have been taking advantage of undocumented immigrants trying to become legal citizens. She is targeting the large population of immigrants living in the United States that are unaware of the procedure of becoming a U.S citizen. She uses words like “attorneys”, “consequences” and “authorized” that identify with her audience. When Sewell brings up this point “The consultants, sometimes referred to as “notarios,” are not attorneys. But some offer legal services and charge high rates.” she is explaining that some Mexicans are being deported because they get false information about how to become legal, and it leads to them wasting money on a false application for citizenship. She uses words that appeal to undocumented immigrants and phrases that help them become aware of the correct legal procedure that is required for citizenship. This author is biased against con artists, people attempting to commit fraud, and anyone taking advantage of people new to this country. Sewell expresses her opinion by way of quote selection, the quotes that she has picked to put in her article back up her opinion and identify the problems that immigrants face. Her article pinpoints the specific challenges that immigrants deal with, when trying to enter this country legally, thus leaning towards undocumented immigrants.


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