Blog: Author Email, Suh

Dear Mrs. Swenson,


My name is Eugene Suh and I am from Monte VIsta High School in Alamo, California. In my 10th English Class, we are doing a blog project for our topic, and my topic with my group is Immigration. Our task is to find a knowledgeable writer or blogger and write a email with the instructions included. I find your blog to be interesting and very detailed with Immigration.


I am writing you a email because I want to discuss about immigration to you. I already know there are some people who are against immigration because it is wrong, and others think it might be a good idea for the population or chaos.


Here is my questions for you, what is your opinions about Immigration? Do you agree with the Immigration or against it? If you were an immigrant, how do you feel about being forced back/immigration? Who inspired you to write a blog about immigration?


Thank you for reading this email



Eugene Suh

Christine Swenson Contact



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