Author Email – Jennifer Lee Koh

Dear Mrs. Jennifer Lee Koh,

My name is Kayla A. Kitchen. I am currently a Sophomore attending Monte Vista High School in Danville, California. For my 10th grade English class, my classmates and I are creating a blog specifically on the current events and conflicts involving immigration.


Over the last couple weeks, my group and I who are creating the blog have found many controversial perspectives involving immigration. Some of these views include Mr. Donald Trump wanting to build a wall to limit the illegal immigration from the Mexican border, and the valedictorian Larissa Martinez who claimed she was an illegal immigrant during her valedictorian speech. Some other issues we have come in contact with while researching immigration is the blunt controversy over whether it is morally and or legally right to let ‘illegal’ immigrants live out their lives in the U.S. This topic has become very prominent in not only our research throughout our blog, but our daily lives as well. Many of my peers consist of immigrants, with or without documentation. In fact, many Americans who have made an impact on our country are immigrants as well, including many celebrities such as Salma Hayek and Michael J. Fox.


Many questions have come to mind throughout our research. The most controversial one of them in my opinion would be: why should we, as American people, reject those who come to our country to live their lives when we the people are technically immigrants as well? As someone of European and Irish descent, my ancestors migrated to America as did nearly everybody else living here today. Why should we shut these people out as aliens, when they are simply trying to live a better life with the American Dream?


One of my favorite quotes that I have found during researching was said by the famous teenage Valedictorian, Larissa Martinez. Ms. Martinez states during her now famous speech, “America can be great again without the construction of a wall built on hatred and prejudice,” (Martinez, Larissa «Valedictorian reveals undocumented status in speech»). I believe that this saying is what should be at the heart of every American. There is no need for hate to be spread through blocking out others and sending people back to the places they tried to escape from.


On the other hand, I understand that many undocumented immigrants are known to smuggle drugs and or other items that are not allowed into the U.S. I also understand many other immigrants become ‘illegal’ because they refuse to get their documentation through the United States legally.


If you have any free time, I would much appreciate hearing your side of this controversial topic. Do you believe that shutting out immigrants is the right thing to do with handling the war on borders? Is there anyway, in your perspective, that immigration can become easier and more efficient? Do you believe the people of America were immigrants of the past ancestors and that immigrants now should be treated as we were back then?


Thank you for reading my email. I really appreciate the time you have spent listening to my perspective on the controversial events throughout immigration. I look forward to hearing back from you.



Kayla A. Kitchen


Kitchen, Kayla. 19 September 2016, 5:56 p.m.


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