Response to Author Task-Emily R

Dear Mr. Ewing,


I am a highschool student who is researching immigration for my group’s blog in english class. I am writing to you because I thought you could help me continue my research. I also want to have a clearer understanding to why immigration has become such a controversial topic. From what I’ve learned about immigration is that it’s ignited into a very debatable topic due to Donald Trump’s idea of building a wall. One of the most interesting things I’ve learned is that there was an illegal immigrant, Larissa Martinez who announced that she was an undocumented immigrant during her valedictorian speech.

Even before it’s caused a lot of controversy, like you had mentioned about American native’s concerns about their jobs. I’ve seen several articles that address both sides of concerns about jobs being taken by immigrants because they are low salary. Although I’ve seen articles that are against immigration, I’ve seen articles like yours that show that allowing immigrants to enter the U.S. isn’t exactly tampering with an American citizen’s chances of being hired for a job. I’ve seen from other blog posts is that employers would rather hire low-paid immigrant workers than hire an American-born to get the job. Is it true that immigrants are hired more because of the Bracero program? What has happened exactly, that has created tension between the unemployed citizens and the immigrants that are being hired instead?

What do you think about Trump’s attempt to build a wall? Do you believe that it will cause any rebellions because of the number of those who are against his beliefs? If Donald Trump is named the next President of the Unites States, would that decrease the number of immigrants searching for American citizenship, and a better life?

I wanted to finish my email by just thanking you for reading my email and taking the time out of your day to do so.


Emily R


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