Task #2 – Discussion

Sydney Talbot

Emily Racette

Eugene Suh

Kayla Kitchen


Statement: American citizens should be accepting of immigrants because we are a nation of immigrants.

Eugene- People in america and Immigrants are equal and the same. They should be able to live in the U.S instead being forced back into their countries.

Sydney- I agree because Americans should be accepting of people that makes a positive contribution to America. if we never let undocumented immigrants live a better life in the U.S for their families and them, then we probably would never have had any revolutionary things that has immensely helped our country.

Emily- I agree Eugene, we are all human and therefore we should all treat one another the same and be true Americans. Our families all originate from somewhere else so we aren’t all technically full Americans.

Kayla- I agree with Eugene, but our ancestors who migrated to America did not necessarily do it illegally, because the land was not formally established yet and there was no strong political government to say who gets to come in and who gets to stay out; thus, the illegal immigrants who are immigrating today and living in the United States without documentation are violating America’s legal laws and government.

Emily: Yes that is true, there is a difference, but why would that matter if the immigrants are entering the same way as if any of our ancestors did back in the old days?

Eugene: I agree with Kayla Kitchen because illegal immigrants are violating the laws of entering the U.S and causing problems to us people.

Kayla- Emily, there is a difference between migration and immigration. Migration is moving from one region to another, while immigration is coming to live in a foreign country. Our ancestors migrated to the Americas, before it was established as a country; therefore, the immigrants today are immigrating, illegally for that matter, against a strong political government and their laws.

Sydney: I agree with Kayla because she has a good point about immigrants vs migrants, there is a definite difference between the two actions. But when did migration turn into immigration?

Emily: I understand, how about your thoughts about Donald Trump’s idea of a wall? Do you think that it’s a good or a bad thing? Will it correspond with your following response?

Kayla- Donald Trump’s wall will NOT stop illegal immigration. If anything, in my opinion, Mr. Trump’s wall will encourage immigrants to cross illegally and will not force them to immigrate legally. Overall, I think Mr. Trump’s wall should not be built on hate and prejudice, but rather with an open view on accepting that foreigners can obtain the American Dream, just like our ancestors did many years ago while migrating.

Eugene: Donald Trump can be delusional and a bit crazy, and of course building wall isn’t going to help us but just makes it looks like we are overprotective and a bit scary.

Sydney: I also agree with Kayla because a wall will not help anybody except our crippling debt because a wall is unnecessary and a lot of money to spend on keeping people out of the U.S.


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