Task ##-Emily Racette

Adriana Kugler, the writer for the blog “The Hill,” typed up a influential post that provides valuable information that teaches readers why immigration is beneficial to America. Kugler discusses examples such as immigration helps boost the economy, which is what every American wants. The author uses five reasons to back up her belief with immigration and uses data she has gathered from the Congressional Budget Office. I think that Kugler’s blog has interested me enough to take her style into consideration and make sure I use strong resources that will help my writing persuade the reader. I should also try to provide more reasons that can prove why immigration is profitable. Kugler also slightly adds in that there is a still ongoing process in the U.S. in understanding the benefit of allowing immigrants becoming citizens of America. It is important that in my posts that I state the main issue(s) of my topic. Adriana Kugler’s evidence is mostly statistics and data tracked overtime. That type of evidence would be a great type of evidence to also include to my writing to have a variety of evidence. Lastly, Adriana Kugler also suggests to her readers who don’t agree with her to try to view immigration in a new way after going over her reasons and facts. I think that by her finishing her post like that can end it strongly, which I want to improve on in my future writing.


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