Task #3 – Edge of Humanity

After reading the article “Immigrant’s Daily Life In the Krome Detention Center, Florida USA” written by Edge of Humanity Magazine, I realized immigration is a huge center part in what makes up America’s depression today. People in the United States are shielded from what goes on in Immigration Detention Centers when detainees await their removal proceedings and deportation. The center resembles a somewhat jail like environment, with group showers and custom clothes that look like those of what prisoners would wear. Immigrants make up a large population of what the United States is today. We the people have seen the bravery and horror of those who immigrate across seas to reach the Free Land of America, but is America ever so free when we put those who came here for a better life behind bars? The Edge of Humanity Magazine does an astounding job at putting the widespread oppression on immigration in their article by using photos from the Five time Pulitzer Prize nominee, Jon Kral. Kral’s photos give an insight to what it is like to be sentenced to await deportation in a Detention Center. This article benefits me as a writer on the topic of immigration by showing me how powerful photographs can be to describe the entire situation. Sometimes, people must see what they don’t hear about.




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