Task #3 Follow a Blog – Sydney Talbot

I read the article The Border Wall: Least and Most Effective Approach on Anna’s Blog and thought it was a good piece. I liked it because when she talked about her opinion, she didn’t specifically call someone out, unlike other articles I have read. First, the author gives reasons about why she thinks the wall is a bad idea. She explains that the wall has “raised the death rate of those people attempting to do the commute.” (Anna, para 1) She uses words that inform the reader but also make them interested and wanting to read more. Within her blog post, she has another reason for why she is against the wall, she disagrees with how much money the U.S government is spending to kill more Mexicans. When she goes from statement to statement, she transitions well and doesn’t make the reader confused. Anna also has a clear argument that lets the readers get an idea about what she is trying to tell them. After reading this post, I think I can improve on my transitions from different arguments and points within my paragraphs. I also think that I should research more on the topics that I am writing about. It will help me make clearer arguments and in order to tell others what I think, I should be able to explain it well and know more about the topic. What I liked most about her writing is that she didn’t ramble on, she used a good amount to words to inform the reader while keeping them engaged.


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