Task 3 Suh

Walter Ewing, the blogger of “Investing in the Children of Immigrants is Critical for American Economy”, typed out his site about the goods of having immigrants in the U.S. “Immigrants can make many contributions to the U.S economy through their labor powers, purchasing power, tax payments, business formation and scientific innovation.” (Walter Ewing Para. 1). But most of all, he talks about the second generation of Immigrants, “Children.” The children can learn the traditions and culture in the U.S with a chance of higher grades in our schools. I like how the blogger is telling us that the children may be in the immigrant’s families, but they have a chance to become a U.S citizens. I admire how there can be a chance for Immigrants to become like us with a normal life. He gave many ideas and points of what can Immigrants do that can help us in the U.S. I think that his ending paragraph from his blog is very strong with compassion and bring us hope for the new generation.


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