Op-Ed Piece-Emily R

Op-Ed:Donald Trump’s Take on Discouraging Immigration

Donald Trump’s proposal on building a wall back in April has left America and other countries startled while conservatives on the other hand, are in support with the idea of blocking the flow of immigrants from entering the United States. Many view his attempt of controlling immigration as racist and unfair. A wall would take a toll not only on America’s reputation but also what is said about America in it’s National Anthem, “The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”(Smith).

    After the meeting involving Trump and the president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, Trump tweeted a controversial proposal that left Peña Nieto unimpressed, “Mexico will pay for the wall!”(Jackson). Peña Nieto clarifies how Mexico strongly dislikes the concept of paying. The President of Mexico is left resentful due to Trump claiming that Mexico would pay, after Peña Nieto clearly stated on Twitter, “I repeat what I said in person, Mr. Trump: Mexico would never pay for a wall,” Peña Nieto wrote”(Jackson).

Historically, other countries have attempted to build walls as well to block immigration. Germany was one of those countries, constructing a wall dividing East and West Germany. Trump’s hopes of his idea was that it would block immigrants from entering, and just like his thought, the Berlin Wall also had been built for that purpose, along with keeping East and West Germany separated.  The Berlin Wall managed to complete the goal of preventing the immigrants from crossing, but also created a series of problems.

It was causing many people to do the insane, “…several East Germans climbed through barbed wire, through sewers, as well as using hot air balloons in order to cross the border.” (“Berlin Wall”). Not only did it make people take their lives, but it also stopped people’s jobs, and put many out of work because the wall had separated them from crossing the border to reach their work.

You’re probably wondering, what’s beneficial to Trump’s Wall? Supporters of Trump recognize a handful of benefits. It seems to be that a big majority of people in America are undocumented, causing security problems. There are concerns that these undocumented people are distorting the law and committing crimes. Debra J. Saunders, a writer for SF Gate, addresses events that took place in San Francisco involving an undocumented migrant back in 2010 when, “…an unlicensed driver named Roberto Galo took a left turn at Harrison and 16th streets and hit motorcyclist Drew Rosenberg. After Galo then backed over Rosenberg’s body, the law-school student died. A jury convicted Galo for manslaughter and driving without a license” (Saunders).

Another argument that has come up is immigrants taking American-born’s jobs. Statistics from Migration Policy Institute state that, “25 million employed foreign-born workers ages 16 and older in 2014,…25 percent in service occupations; 17 percent in sales and office occupations; 13 percent in natural resources, construction, and maintenance occupations; and 15 percent in production, transportation, and material moving occupations” (Zong and Batalova). Not all the jobs that these undocumented migrants take are jobs that American natives strive to be. Why is it then that non-supporters of immigration see them as a threat regarding employment of immigrants?

If this wall was to be built, can you imagine the chaos it would bring? Many interpret the wall separately; either an extreme line being crossed or a new way into making American lives better. The best way to ensure that the wall will not be built is to make sure Donald Trump is not elected President of the United States. How would a contentious idea succeed later on if Trump was to win and continue his plan? The only way to find out is the outcome of the Presidential Race.


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