All About the Authors

img_7794-4Emily Racette: 

Emily Racette is a competitive soccer player, an artist, and an amazing dancer. I take that back, she can’t dance…at all. Emily spends her days completing the huge load of homework she gets everyday and then heading to soccer practice every night. When she can, she draws and sometimes even does DIYs she sees on Pinterest. She enjoys listening to music every day, but does not enjoy listening to Spotify commercials because she doesn’t have Spotify Premium. Emily is oddly entertained by magic T.V. shows like Carbonaro Effect, and the movie Now you See Me. She enjoys traveling whenever she can because she gets to try new foods, activities, and perspectives. Emily’s favorite place she has traveled to is Turks and Caicos because the beaches  are aesthetically more pleasing to look at then the beaches on the west coast.

Eugene Suh:

Eugene Suh is a South Korean Boy who lived in the U.S. He is a gamer, an artist, and an musician. He likes to spend time drawing still life drawing or play on his piano. He loved to stay in his house a lot. Eugene always do his homework everyday and after that, he plays games or draw still life objects. He enjoy listening to piano cover songs while doing his homework because it soothes him.

Sydney Talbot:

img_2479-1Sydney Talbot likes to spend her time on the tennis courts or in the choir room. She enjoys singing with her friends at school and absolutely loves her choir director. Sydney is currently on the JV Tennis team at Monte Vista and plays as the number 3 singles, because singles is the bomb! She can’t help but mention the fact that she has lived in Africa while in any encounter with new people. Sydney has lived a wonderful and fascinating life in countries all over the world, including England, Russia and Angola, Africa. One of her favorite things to do is hanging out with friends and family, especially during the summer, but her favorite season is spring, and winter, and maybe fall, but summer is a good one too, so all of them! Sydney enjoys life in California and likes going to the beach on the weekends with close friends. She also has a lot of pets, she has two dogs and four cats, but she can’t choose a favorite because Icy is very fluffy, DJ loves to cuddle, Madrid is really clingy and Sweety likes to sit outside all day. Her two dogs are named Max and Molly, and loves to go on walks with them. Sydney likes a variety of tv shows, including Modern Family, Once Upon A Time, Friends and Parks and Rec. However she spends most of her time fangirling over characters with her brother and two sisters. She may be lazy sometimes, but she works hard at school and always tries her best. Her dream after high school is to go to college and then medical school and study to become a doctor.

IMG_4656.jpgKayla Kitchen:

As a national softball player, upcoming author; aspiring psychologist, and musician: Kayla Kitchen does not waste time within the casualties of life. Her drive in life is made up of being the best she can be, as well as the happiest. Being a blogger for the mental health institute, Bring Change 2 Mind, this is no new up taking for Kayla. Her goal as a director at Bring Change 2 Mind is to end the stigma on the isolation of mental health and it’s affects on people all over the world. Kayla enjoys traveling the country with her teammates and learning to grow everyday on and off the field beside them. Going through the college recruitment stage as only a sophomore at Monte Vista High School in Danville, CA: Kayla has already faced the many obstacles in life most people her age have not gotten the chance to experience yet, including prep for the SATs and ACTs. Setting goals for the future is her state of mind, but most importantly: being positive and independent is what sets her apart. Kayla also likes spending time with her family when she can, considering she is a triplet with 2 brothers named Michael and Brendan. She also adores her dogs: Sable, Joey, and Snowball. Although softball takes up 7/7 days of her week, she still finds time to write poetry and play various instruments: including guitar, ukulele, and saxophone. Kayla plays saxophone in her high school Jazz Band. Even though she is a very serious person, Kayla doesn’t mind being silly and creative with her closest friends. She especially loves being silly on the softball field, considering that before every tournament she brings team props to dress up in and a stuffed bear formally known as the California Comets Mascot, Gerald.