Immigration Stereotypes: The Syrian Refugee Crisis

Kayla Kitchen English 10/1 Wilson 28 September 2016 Immigration Stereotypes “If I had a bowl of skittles and I told you just three would kill you. Would you take a handful? That’s our Syrian refugee problem,” (Trump Jr., Donald. Tweet). In early September of 2016, Donald Trump Jr. posted this tweet about the Syrian Refugee … More Immigration Stereotypes: The Syrian Refugee Crisis

Op-Ed Piece-Emily R

Op-Ed:Donald Trump’s Take on Discouraging Immigration Donald Trump’s proposal on building a wall back in April has left America and other countries startled while conservatives on the other hand, are in support with the idea of blocking the flow of immigrants from entering the United States. Many view his attempt of controlling immigration as racist … More Op-Ed Piece-Emily R

Task #3 Follow a Blog – Sydney Talbot

I read the article The Border Wall: Least and Most Effective Approach on Anna’s Blog and thought it was a good piece. I liked it because when she talked about her opinion, she didn’t specifically call someone out, unlike other articles I have read. First, the author gives reasons about why she thinks the wall is a bad idea. … More Task #3 Follow a Blog – Sydney Talbot

Task 3 Suh

Walter Ewing, the blogger of “Investing in the Children of Immigrants is Critical for American Economy”, typed out his site about the goods of having immigrants in the U.S. “Immigrants can make many contributions to the U.S economy through their labor powers, purchasing power, tax payments, business formation and scientific innovation.” (Walter Ewing Para. 1). … More Task 3 Suh

Task ##-Emily Racette

Adriana Kugler, the writer for the blog “The Hill,” typed up a influential post that provides valuable information that teaches readers why immigration is beneficial to America. Kugler discusses examples such as immigration helps boost the economy, which is what every American wants. The author uses five reasons to back up her belief with immigration and … More Task ##-Emily Racette